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  • Losing My Religion

    No spoilers here. Listen as David reads a letter he wrote to his past self on the subject of empathy for all those who walked away and expresses his aching […]

  • EP: 45 | Jesus is coming back!

    I hope you like sarcasm. Randy is in rare form on this episode – David and Shawn make popcorn and watch the show that is called, “Randy is melting down.” […]

  • EP: 44 | David, Shawn, & …ok fine, Randy

    The Boys catch up on Jesus, life, and faith. Keep in mind this conversation happened pre-election. To support this podcast (and our other projects) you can participate here: http://patreon.com/davidleoschultz Check […]

  • Withdraw to the Mountains to Pray

    Yesterday I spoke on this and today I need to say it again- not for you – for me. So many of my friends are drowning in depression and are […]

  • EP: 43 | Hashtag Christianity

    The boys discuss Hashtag Christianity and what helps the move beyond cliche and bumpersticker religion. To support this ministry you can visit http://patreon.com/davidleoschultz Check out and subscribe to our FREE […]

  • Bonus Sermon: That wasn’t a real God!

    With tons of new ragamuffins joining our FB group, “Ragamuffin Church” – David felt inspired to share a sermon on his heart! Pour a drink, sit back, and listen to […]

  • Bonus Episode : What could the church be…

    In a quick “thank you’ message to the “ragamuffin church” facebook group that begins with a quick shout out from David’s daughter – – – ends up in an interesting […]

  • EP: 42 | Share YOUR good news

    David, Shawn, & Randy talk about their perspective of what God is up to in their lives in the ecumenical church. Shawn steers the conversation towards Christ and sharing the […]

  • EP: 41 | Finding God Beyond Our Daily Distractions

    Today Shawn Chadwell and David Leo Schultz talk about Randy is an absolute turd for flaking on them for the podcast and how God can be found beyond our daily […]

  • EP: 40 | Judgmental Christians Are The Best!

    The is the first episode where you officially have three hosts: Shawn Chadwell, Randy Wheeler, and David Leo Schultz. The met in college and bonded over their love for comedy […]