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  • Dear Evangelical Christianity

    David reads an open letter he wrote to Evangelical Christianity. Watch David’s newest movie God’s Fool at: http://ragamuffinrentals.com To support the podcast you can here: http://patreon.com/davidleoschultz To watch free videos […]

  • EP: 44 | David, Shawn, & …ok fine, Randy

    The Boys catch up on Jesus, life, and faith. Keep in mind this conversation happened pre-election. To support this podcast (and our other projects) you can participate here: http://patreon.com/davidleoschultz Check […]

  • An OPEN LETTER to Evangelical Christianity (pt.1)

    Dear Evangelical Christianity, This isn’t a letter from an outsider. This is a letter from one of your kids that has left. You see I was born into your home. […]

  • EP: 42 | Share YOUR good news

    David, Shawn, & Randy talk about their perspective of what God is up to in their lives in the ecumenical church. Shawn steers the conversation towards Christ and sharing the […]

  • EP: 39 | Meet Shawn Chadwell

    David’s friend, Shawn Chadwell, joins the conversation as a guest and an irregular co-host the Ragamuffin Podcast. Shawn is a former vocational pastor and now non-vocational pastor with our ministry […]


    Brad Jersak is a Canadian Theologian and the author of several books including “Her gates will never be shut”. David and Brad discuss hell and who’s going there. To support […]

  • EP: 31 | Jesus is our Neighbor

    David unpacks his own fears and insecurities in light of Jesus calling him to not just say he is a “Christian” but to actually be one. To support David and […]

  • EP: 27 | I Broke Up With My Parents

    In this raw reflection – David takes you through the painful beginning and the painful ending of his relationship with his parents. To support David and his non-profit ministry with […]

  • EP: 19 | A Christian was never supposed to be a Noun

    David Leo Schultz has dove into the deep end of making his third movie…on a credit card. He’s taking a break from his hectic schedule to share his heart on […]

  • EP: 3 – Hide and go love me

    EP: 3 – “Hide and go love me”. On this weeks episode David reads his blog about being really loved by being really real and delivers a sermon on the […]