About David

David Leo Schultz is an actor-comedian who enjoys writing and filmmaking. David likes comedy like most humans like sports; He’s a big fan. Originally from Indiana, David founded the sketch comedy group, The Color Green, and traveled the country performing in various venues, clubs, bars, performance halls, camps, retreats, and conferences. David moved to Los Angeles to train with the Upright Citizens Brigade, Groundlings, I.O. West, Anne Beatts, and The Michael Woolson Studio. Commercially David has appeared in national commercials, including a super bowl spot for Doritos, and a State Farm Commercial featuring Bobby Knight. Theatrically David has appeared in Colin Trevorrow’s debut film Safety Not Guaranteed along side Jake Johnson and Aubrey Plaza, Megan Griffith’s Sadie alongside Melanie Lynskey and John Gallagher Jr,  Not Another Not Another Movie with Chevy Chase and Burt Reynolds, Scout’s Honor along side Chris Kattan and Fred Willard. But perhaps David is most known for acting, writing, and directing in a series of movies called The Ragamuffin Trilogy, including movies about Rich Mullins (Ragamuffin) Brennan Manning (Brennan) and St. Francis of Assisi (God’s Fool). In 2021 David launched his own streaming service, Davidleoschultz.com, to platform his own originally produced content including feature films and TV series. David currently has many TV and Feature Film projects in various stages of development.