This is a rag-tag non-profit that was born out of a movie by the same name (Ragamuffin).

The movie Ragamuffin premiered January 2014 at The Orpheum Theater in Wichita, Kansas to a sold out crowd of 1,200 seats. The movie began screening at churches, coffeeshops, movie theaters, and bars all across the country (plus a few screenings in the UK & Canada) – 208 screenings in total for this para-theatrical tour. 

Almost immediately misfits and outcasts that were “beat up and burnt out” by religion and religious people started reaching out to me for help. But I’m just a comedian and actor pretending to be a filmmaker. What can I do? Whatever I can. So, in the the fall of 2014, with my friend Dave Mullins I launched an annual gathering called “Ragamuffin Retreat.” It’s a time for spiritual vagabonds, seekers, skeptics, and sojourners to gather and dive into the deep end of God’s love. It’s a time for anyone each and all no matter their race, religion, sexuality, gender, background, moral resume to come as they are and be loved as they are.

What started out with a gathering has turned into a hospital for sinners, a church for the churchless, and a ministry to the marginalized. We create spaces both tangible and digital for people to feel free from shame so they can encounter and experience the love of God. 

With my latest movie, “God’s Fool” I’m going to donate all of its profits to a Native American Indian Reservation to help the poor and marginalized on the Sioux Tribe. 

In addition to the annual retreat, movies, funding ministries to the marginalized, creating safe spaces, we also have a podcast (Ragamuffin), a streaming channel (, and a home for free content on 

Finally David Leo Schultz writes regularly on this site,, speaks on the podcast, and on If you are interested in having David speak at your event you can contact:

If you are looking for a safe space free from shame to be yourself and still be encouraged and challenged to dive into the deep end of God’s love – please find our FACEBOOK GROUP – “Ragamuffin Church” (attached to the RTV page on Facebook).

Before “Ragamuffin”

The history before this non-profit was a long windy road that began in the year 1993 when David Leo Schultz was only 13 years old when he was ambushed by the love of God at a small church camp in western Indiana. 

In the summer of 1993 David founded “The Color Green ” (named after a song by the late great Rich Mullins). The Color Green was a sketch comedy team with the purpose of  encouraging everyone that despite what they heard in their rusty religion : When it comes to God’s love – there are no strings attached.

David’s first gig was November 8, 1993 preaching to a, then small, church called “Grace Community Church” and ever since that day David has been speaking, preaching, and performing inside and outside of churches communicating God’s grace through comedy, preaching, and now through the art of visual storytelling like feature films. 


If you would like to donate – please note this is a 501c3, and anything you give is completely tax deductible.